Hi, I’m Yousif {born in Jubail,Saudi Arabia in 1987}, currently living in Dammam,Saudi Arabia.
I’m an amateur photographer with an eye for details.I have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering of Architecture and Planning from University of Dammam.I love traveling and tourism, to get to know people and the nature of their lives and their culture .I Also  love all kinds of arts,thinking, reflection,analysing and inspiring things.

pictures mean a lot to me. pictures can describe what words can’t!  i started photography in 2005, as a hobby using a sony cybershot 5 mp digital camera، with motivation to document moments, especially beautiful moments of my life, and everything around me in pictures! believing that pictures freeze those moments, and keep the memory saved in my mind.

i started with professional camera’s using a NIKON D70  {A CAMERA OF MY FRIEND} .and then used the NIKON D200 for 4 months.i took photography seriously in the year 2008, by getting the NIKON D90, as the first professional medium-class camera i buy, Its one of the most amazing and wonderful camera’s i have ever used.i used a lot of camera’s in different field
like :Nikon D300,Nikon D200,Nikon D90,Nikon D80,Nikon D70,Canon 5D Mark II
,Canon 7D,Canon 550D, In documentation and journalism,but my lovely D90 was and still is the best friend of mine in all of my trips around the world.

2011 was the biggest shift for me in this field, i learnt more stuff to do with my camera and photography by Expertise and experience in the technical and arts aspects, understanding the light, shadows, colors and composition.
I’m still learning until this  moment  , willing 
to keep this hobby  and never leave it, i will always be loyal to my camera, and photography.





  • Tourism.

  • Architectural.

  • Documentary.

  • Street & city life.

  • Photojournalism.

  • Portrait.




  • Membership of the Saudi Society for Photography.



  • Composition in Photography to The Department of Land scape
    at  University of Dammam,2011

  • The Photography types and techniques to high school students
    in Royal Commission in Jubail Industrial,2011



  • Gallery of Contemporary and Fine  Arts, 2011 


  • Photography Contest of The Al-Thani Award, 2011

  • Photography Gallery at the University of Dammam, 2011

  • Photography Contest by The Al-Thani, 2011

  • Participation in the Second Scientific Forum for students of higher education 2011

  • Photography Contest of king faisal university, 2009

  • Photography Gallery at the College of Arch & Plan, 2008



  • Ettifaq vs Zamalek Match,2011 (Media Coverage)

  • Annual Charity Running  Race in Al-Khobar,2010 (Official Media Coverage)

  • Inauguration of Eastern-Rekaz,2010 (Official Media Coverage)

  • The Fifth E-Services Symposium in the Eastern Province,2010 (Media Coverage)

  • The Fourth E-Services Symposium in the Eastern Province,2009 (Media Coverage)

  • Annual Charity Running  Race in Al-Khobar,2009 (Official Media Coverage)

  • The Conference of linking energy to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ,2009(Official Media Coverage)

  • Classic Cars Festival,2009 (Media Coverage)


  • KFUPM Graduation Ceremony,2010 

  • KFUPM Graduation Ceremony,2009

  • Motor modified Festival,2009 

  • Sami Yusuf Bahrain Concert,2009

and enough about me. I’ll let my photos do the talking.